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Arctic Horseback Expeditions

Day 8: Drangar – Drangajökull – Laugarholt
(10-11 hours travelling)

We follow an ancient route which was used for hundreds of years by the farmers from Ísafjardardjúp to drag home driftwood from the northeast coast. This route takes us up the valley Meyjardalur as the snowfields get larger and larger. Finally there is nothing but a vast wide flat expanse of snow! On the glacier we are often totally befogged, sometimes it is even sleeting or snowing. You get the feeling of crossing the Arctic. Even greater is the pleasure when the sky opens up and reveals the destination of our journey, the valley Skjaldfannadalur. Descending down the glacier and crossing the river Selá we return home to Laugarholt. We celebrate completing our adventure with dinner on the farm and a well deserved soak in the hot pool.