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Arctic Horseback Expeditions

Day 4: Grunnavík – Jökulfirðir – Furufjörður
(8-9 hours travelling)

We ride over a low plateau, Staðarheiði, and down into the large fjord system Jökulfirðir (“Glacial Fjords”). After crossing the fjord Leirufjörður at low tide, we ride through colourfull flower pastures surrounded by snow-covered mountain sides and into the fjord Hrafnfjörður. We ascend to the plateau Skorarheiði, cross it and then descend into the fjord Furufjörður. Crossing bogs and numerous little streams we ride down to the coast where we put up our communal tent (teepee). If the weather is good, we have a barbecue on a driftwood fire at the beach.