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Arctic Horseback Expeditions

SVAÐILFARI tour client comments:

“The best and most exciting trip I have ever experienced!”
Elke, Germany

“Untouched nature which leaves space for your soul to breathe, silence which is only interrupted by the calls of seals and the beating of the horses hooves. What paradise!”
Alexandra, Switzerland

“This was the most beautiful vacation we have ever had, we’ll come back!”
Catrin, Eva, Maike and Anna, Germany

“A fabulous week in pure nature with extremely comfortable horses to ride.”
Laurent, France

“Brilliant to discover the wilderness of the Westfjords with local people! We learned a lot and got to know wonderful people. An unforgettable tour!”
Thorkell and Guðni, Iceland

“The greatest adventure of my life!”
Kirsten, Germany

“This is a magic place with magic people, poetry, song and food! We are privileged to have shared it with you for a time!”
Jane, England

“I’ve done five Icelandic trips now and this one is the tops! I shall have to repeat this one!”
Julie, Wales

“A fantastic trip, a wonderful family and hospitality!”
Ann, England

“My dream came true but the truth was even better that I imagined. The best holiday of my life!”
Hilde, Germany

“The best trek I have ever taken, it can only be matched by doing it again!”
Jean, Canada

“For the first time I can remember, I am returning refreshed and energised from a holiday. I would not have swapped the rain and freezing conditions on the glacier for 30 degrees in Germany, for anything! Can’t remember when I had so much fun with so many wonderful people.”
Catherine, Germany/Schottland

“These days, I’ll never forget!”
Sabine, Germany

“Travelling on horseback through the Westfjords is an absolutely unforgettable experience.”
Dóra, Iceland

“I got to know welcoming people, I saw wildlife I have never seen before, I saw landscapes that I wasn’t able to imagine in my wildest dreams and I discovered your customs, food and lifestyle, all of which I loved. This trip is really wonderful and mindblowing. Wilderness, mountains, fjords, snow, glaciers … an unforgettable trip!”
Abélia, France

“Everything was so beautiful – a week in paradise”
Gabriele, Germany

“A wonderful trip, lots of great horses and people.”
Céline, Canada

“A week so far away from everything, so close to nature in a country that I thought was just cold and windy. Thank you for your hospitality and patience.”
Markus, Germany

“What a great experience to travel with you, through fjords and over mountains and what a view from the glacier!”
Nicole and Jón, Iceland

“An incredibly beautiful, impressive, fascinating and unforgettable week.”
Lisa, Gemany

“These eight days have been totally wonderful. I never realised how many stories there are connected to only a handful of farms. The route was fabulous, very spectacular! The group was a wonderful mix of people. I can’t remember having that much fun for a long time. Thórður, you are a great guide and a very good horseman as well. Your patience with man and beast is admirable.”
Mary, Netherlands

“Wonderful hospitality, spectacular route, the perfect horse, and kind and knowledgeable guiding; one of my greatest adventures.”
Claudia, Canada/Germany

“A great horse tour, how lucky I was to take part, absolutely incredible!”
Eckhart, Germany

“The week was a delight, pure magic!”
Lesley, Canada

“Wonderful memories.”
Franz, Germany

“I didn’t realise when I went on this horse trip the first time that I could get addicted to it. Now I am coming back for my third trip and its always the same fun!”
Jenný, Iceland

“A great experience!“”
Kristina, Germany

“Wonderful, almost timeless passing the days (and nights) with so many unique, very special moments. We had the feeling that we were part of the family. Also the wonderful garden, the great horses … and last but not least the heavenly delicious skyr cake after the crossing of the glacier. A wonderful time!”
Peter und Anne, Germany

“A wonderful and exciting trek, unforgettable!”
Alice, Canada

“A dream came true: Iceland and horses. Thanks for everything, I’ve been very happy here.”
Heide, Germany

“A very special time, this horse trip around Drangajökull with very new Icelandic experiences, i.e. no drop of rain and almost always bright blue sky! Thórður and Hjalti overcame all problems to help a nervous central European person … I will surely come back!”
Anton, Austria

“Unforgettable days!”
Stefan, Germany

“An absolutely great tour in all aspects, especially the warm welcome in Laugaland before and after the trip.”
Helga and Ásdís, Iceland

“These eight days have been so fascinating and very special, they will always stay in my memory.”
Hannah, Germany